Sunday, October 1st, 2006 @ 10:06am

So I went bowling this past weekend (twice), once with Dana on Friday and once by myself on Saturday. I did pretty decently on Friday bowling an average of 130~140 or so, which is pretty normal for me. But it would figure on Saturday, when I was by myself that I bowled the best game I’ve ever bowled. For years, I’d been trying to break a score of 200, and I finally did it on my second game by hitting 211.

Anyway, I guess not too much exciting has really been going on. I finally got my car back, so I’m pretty happy about that. Although it’s making some strange noises now here and there so I’m not quite sure what to do about that.

I feel like I’m starting to have senioritis in a sense. To think that this is my last year of school kind of makes me sad. At times, school can really be frustrating, with all the homework, projects, and deadlines, yet I still really enjoy it. To think that I’m in my last year in college before I’m really out on my own, it’s quite a different feeling than anything I’ve had before…

And I just now happened to glance at the calendar on my computer. Is it really October already? It doesn’t feel like it should be October yet. The weather is still quite warm, and it feels like school has just started… Hard to believe it’s already been five weeks since.

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