Friday, January 25th, 2008 @ 11:11am

So I’ve been trying to work out recently in attempt to get full shoulder mobility back. It’s interesting to note at how hard it is to do so when you’ve had your muscles ripped apart in addition to having limited use for the two months.

I generally stay pretty active and moving around, so I don’t usually work out. That, and gyms are usually an expense I really don’t feel like paying. But Samford’s new arena actually has a pretty nice new weight room with all new equipment and stuff. So that with the complications of the accident have pushed me to attempt to begin working out. I think I’ve pulled something… twice, but it’s okay as it usually feels better by the next day. My current goal is the ability to do pull-ups, as my last attempt was a big pain of a failure.

The only thing I lack is motivation. Maybe I need to go buy the soundtrack from Rocky or something…

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