Get Off My Lawn!

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008 @ 6:17pm

I’ve determined that living in a controlled community sucks to a certain extent, considering that half the tenants/owners will complain about the most minor of things.

In the past we’ve received multiple complaints about parking when it shouldn’t even be an issue. And the worst part about it is that no one with these complaints is man enough to come up and even talk to us about it. If you have a valid complaint, come to us first and we can attempt to resolve it first without getting others involved in the mess. If that fails, THEN you go higher up with your complaint. Don’t be a jerk and ignore that process just because you think we’re just bunch of annoying kids. We actually are really nice if you would attempt to talk to us.

The more recent complaints were about loud noises with musical instruments. What? I will admit, it probably happened once (I wasn’t here at the time) but a complaint about a one time instance? If you had come to them and let them know that it was too loud, they would have been more than happy to turn it down. But apparently my roommate said multiple people walked by without complaining and several people stood and watched the practicing out of enjoyment.

These people really need to stop being jerks and complain about every nit picky little thing that comes up. We’ll be more than happy to respect your complaints provided you give us some respect in the first place.