Home Improvements: Kitchen – Day ??

Monday, March 29th, 2010 @ 11:45pm

Things are finally progressing with the kitchen and I was able to get a lot accomplished over the weekend. I had a few snags with some of the more complicated tile cuts and ended up having to buy a wet saw — but it was so worth it! I could’ve been finished so much sooner had I caved in and gotten one earlier on.

set tile

After having all the tile down on the floor and set, I’m glad I went with what I did. It provides a nice contrast to the walls and still looks good with the natural colors of the cabinets.


In addition to having everything cut and set, I was happy to begin with the grout as seen with the above picture. It’s been difficult to wait for the tile/grout to set, as I’m waiting to place my appliances so I can “officially” start living here without having to eat out so frequently. It’s great to know that I’m essentially in the home stretch, just have to wait it out just a little bit longer…