I have some experience in working with graphics design; most of which comes from my work in web design. During college I also got to provide some various t-shirt designs as you can see below.

Samford University Choral – Spring 2004

UC Shirt 2004This was my first experience with designing t-shirts, and probably by far my favorite. We actually went through several designs before we came to this one, and I think the results turned out pretty well. The profile of the director was actually University Chorale’s current director at that time, Dr. Timothy Banks, which quite humorously was easily recognizable by nearly everyone in the Samford music school.

Samford University Choral – Spring 2005

UC Shirt 2005I designed this shirt during my second year in University Chorale, with the idea of having a ticket as our logo that year. We originally had two colors finalized to let people choose which shirt color they would prefer, but ended up with going only blue anyway.

Samford University Marching Band (Pit)

Pit ShirtDuring one of our break sessions during band camp, we happened to be fairly bored, thus this shirt was born. This design didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped it would although I believe (or hope) everyone at least enjoyed the shirt. You can find the back design here.