Bionic Arm

Saturday, January 26th, 2008 @ 9:34pm

Ouch!Not to gross any of you out, but I thought the following two pictures were very interesting. It certainly doesn’t feel as bad as it looks, although I must admit it is a little creepy to have that much metal in your shoulder. Airports are certainly going to be a blast…

Ouch 2!It’s a lot of screws though. And I am slightly concerned about possible future injuries even with all of the protective metal existing in the arm. But I have another doctor visit in a couple of weeks so hopefully I can get some of my questions answered now that the initial shock has worn down and I’ve been able to pull some of my thoughts together.

In the meantime as mentioned below I have been trying to working it out, through pain sometimes. But it’s slowly coming along I guess.

Staying inside for as long as I have during these past two months or so have really give me an outdoors itch. Unfortunately the weather itself has not been very outdoor friendly and is somewhat cold compared to previous Alabama winters. As of recent, we’ve been pushing mid 30s to 40s.

Once it starts to get a little bit warmer I can begin my search for a new bike which will hopefully help towards a cure towards my outdoor longing.

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